Sokoveti Ugavule

Sokoveti Ugavule

My end goal was to transform into a mature, independent, and skilled worker – and I did that. I could not possibly thank you guys enough for assisting and providing the amazing opportunities I have had.  

Kayla Jones

WorkVentures has changed my life for the better. Not just for myself, but for my daughter too!

Ross Mentis

Working here as part of the traineeship program helped me prepare for a new phase in my career in the corporate world. Take initiative, strive to move forward, and opportunities will come your way. Knowledge is truly the key to success!

Ashleigh Brown

I joined the traineeship for a change of career and to challenge myself. I have learnt very important skills and have improved my communication skills which has set me up for the rest of my career.

Mia Strembickyj

The experience you get from a traineeship is the best thing. You supported me throughout the entire traineeship, because at the end of the day everyone wants to see you succeed.  

Nicka Oun

A traineeship allowed me to enter the business industry while studying and working at the same time. I couldn’t thank the team enough for this wonderful journey so far.  

James Medrano

I am excited to imagine the problems that technology will continue to solve as I build a career. I am excited because I will have the opportunity through this traineeship pathway to influence and help build what tomorrow looks like.

Niar Collett

I was looking to explore my career choices; my traineeship helped me gain more experience in the workforce, and it opened doors and increased opportunities for me.

Loryn Mitchell

This traineeship is the best thing I could’ve done and has helped me become more educated in the working world. Thank you to WorkVentures and Global-Mark for supporting me throughout my journey.

Kim Rhodes

I appreciate WorkVentures performing the initial interviews and referring only suitable candidates. We have been happy with many of our trainees and have employed them at the completion of their traineeship.