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Turnkey and Tailored 3PL Solutions

Is your organisation in need of 3PL solutions? Third-party logistics (3PL) is the outsourcing of logistics and fulfilment services. This includes equipment purchasing, inventory management, shipping, warehousing, and delivery. Businesses benefit from using 3PL services as it eliminates their need to invest in warehouse space and reduces the burden of work for their staff. 

WorkVentures offers a variety of 3PL services. We have a long history of integrated and scalable IT Infrastructure Moves, Adds, and Changes (IMAC). We provide professional IT project and business-as-usual management services for your IT relocation and ITAD requirements. Our expert team are on hand to facilitate the secure management of your assets. We are equipped to manage small to medium-sized projects. 

What 3PL Services Do WorkVentures Provide? 

Our Logistics Solutions team provides end-to-end management of your 3PL requirements. The team is flexible and is able to work with you and your staff to ensure that your business needs are being met. 

  • Standard pallet and carton storage.  
  • Over-sized product storage.  
  • Secure storage for valuable items.  
  • Point of sale material storage.  
  • Secure overflow storage solutions.  
  • Short and long-term storage.  
  • Fast access to main transport hubs.  
  • Volume-driven savings on deliveries.  
  • Time-sensitive delivery capabilities within Sydney and Melbourne metro areas.  
  • Transport partnerships to cover all locations.  
  • Visibility for track and trace.  
Inventory Management 
  • Comprehensive solutions to manage inventory accuracy at a high level.  
  • Annual and rolling stock takes.  
  • RF scanning capabilities.  
  • Full pallet, case, carton or individual pick capabilities.  
Reverse Logistics 
  • Return goods booking with the customer.  
  • Return process in line with existing returns policies.  
  • Quality control prior to returns.  
  • Inventory adjustments.  
  • Return to supplier arrangements.  
Value Added Services 
  • Kitting.  
  • Refurbishment and staging services through our Technical Solutions department.  
  • Repair and rework to extend the life of the equipment.  
  • Changes to packaging, labels, and barcodes when required.  
  • Value-pack bundling.  
  • Sub-pack bundling.  
Customer Service 
  • Ongoing management of all enquiries.  
  • Data collection and reporting.  
  • Sales order keying. 

Benefits of Working With WorkVentures 

Saving Time and Money

By using WorkVentures, you are engaging with a team of experts who will save your business time and money. We will handle all aspects of your 3PL needs to ensure that there are no disruptions and that there is no additional pressure on your staff. 


With over 40 years of experience, WorkVentures offers efficient 3PL services tailored to your needs. Our knowledgeable technicians provide scalable solutions, staying up-to-date with industry trends and technologies to deliver bespoke services.  

A Holistic Approach

Rather than outsourcing your 3PL needs to multiple providers, WorkVentures can offer a holistic approach. From collection services to kitting and dispatching, our technicians can complete all the necessary tasks through a streamlined service. 

Agile Process

At WorkVentures, we prioritise customer satisfaction by adopting an agile approach to projects. We create and modify processes to meet all customer requirements, ensuring adaptability and optimal outcomes.  

As experts in forward and reverse logistics, we can help distribute products nationally.

We offer affordable and reliable reverse logistic services for in and out-of-warranty technology.  

Our expert team can triage and repair faulty technology or refurbish it to help you re-market your devices.  

Short-Term Warehousing Solutions

Is your business looking to increase its inventory significantly? Are you in need of cost-effective, short-term warehousing solutions? 

Renting out warehousing space can be costly and often involves a long-term investment. WorkVentures can offer a better solution. We can provide on-demand, short-term warehousing on an as-needed basis. This will keep costs low, and we can work with you to meet the needs of your business. Short-term warehousing is typically no longer than three months, which allows your business to meet spikes in demand and leads to significant savings. 


Benefits of On-Demand, Short-Term Warehousing


Opt for the simple solution of cost-saving short-term warehousing to avoid expenses associated with buying or building warehouse space, which can include fees like permits, taxes and maintenance.

Guaranteed Asset Protection

Use our short-term warehousing solutions to ensure secure storage of goods and prevent damage. Our facility meets industry standards, providing peace of mind and safeguarding your valuable assets.


Our Logistics Solutions experts take the pressure off of your team by developing secure and efficient warehousing solutions to effectively meet your needs.

Scalable Options

Rather than paying rigid storage fees that don’t reflect your business needs, you can increase or decrease inventory levels as needed with no additional cost.

Supply Chain Resilience

To maximise both the efficiency and resilience of your supply chain, WorkVentures provides scaling resources that are executed to match the demand of your business needs.

3PL - Why Choose WorkVentures Short-Term Warehousing - AZRA

Why Choose WorkVentures Short-Term Warehousing?

WorkVentures’ short-term warehousing solutions are an ideal service for any local business looking for scalable storage options. Rather than investing time and money into costly contracts or new leases, this is the perfect option for those with fluctuating numbers of stock who are looking to minimise unnecessary expenditure.  

Some of the benefits of using WorkVentures include: 

On-Demand Warehousing Solutions: Locally Based

WorkVentures has secure on-demand short-term warehousing storage and workshops located in Alexandria NSW and Tullamarine VIC. Our Logistics Solutions teams have pallet racking, floor space and workshops to provide flexible solutions for your information technology (IT) fleet management needs, including manifesting, storage, builds, rework, repair, refurbishment, kitting, distribution, and tracking. 

Efficient Stock Management System: Flexibility & Confidence

Our in-house database system provides flexibility and confidence in stock integrity and traceability whilst performing such functions as decommissioning legacy fleets, including select equipment redeployment, receipting-asset management-consolidation of new stock per refresh, standard builds and kitting, distribution and delivery. 

Comprehensive Equipment Services: Inspection, Testing, Rework

WorkVentures has the capacity to inspect, test, rework-repair-refurbish, build and perform final testing and inspection on a full range of IT, electronic and telecommunications equipment as part of your refresh programThis not only enables a full suite of services for new stock but can include the redeployment of any equipment processed through the decommissioning process. 

Cost-saving Decommissioning Process: Reduce Carbon Footprint

If you require our decommissioning process to be performed on current stock, you are able to save costs in the refresh process and reduce your carbon footprint by avoiding unnecessary recycling.

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