Are you looking to make a difference within your community? Become a member and support us in realising our vision to influence digital inclusion in the community and ignite the potential in young people with meaningful skills, training and jobs.

Responsibilities of

  • Membership in WorkVentures is open to anyone who accepts our Constitution and policies and is subject to acceptance by the Board.
  • At this time, there is no fee for Membership, however a nominal fee may be charged in the future.
  • The Board consists of a minimum of 3 Members to a maximum of 9 Members.
  • Your liability as a Member is triggered in the event that the Company is wound up. At that time, each Member is liable for payment of the debts of the Company which is limited to a sum of one hundred dollars ($100).
  • Voting Members are entitled to one vote each at general meetings, either in person or by proxy.
  • At each AGM (annual general meeting) of the Company, the Members of the Board shall be elected from Members of the Company and hold office until the next year’s AGM, when they retire but are eligible for reelection.
  • The Board has the power to appoint any Member to the Board, either to fill a casual vacancy or as an addition to the existing Members. Any Member appointed to the Board holds office until the following AGM.
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