Diverse Staging Solutions for All Businesses 

Do you need your equipment custom configured before deployment?

Our Technical Solutions team can help no matter how complex. We provide a cost-effective solution for your needs. Staging and imaging are the best way for organisations to optimise technology, improve security, and efficiently configure numerous devices. 

What Can WorkVentures Do? 

Hardware Staging

Prior to deployment/installation, we assemble, image or configure devices. We can load required firmware images, set jumpers or solder links, install sim cards and program EEPROM or flash memory.

Hardware Audits

WorkVentures will audit your hardware shipment to ensure everything is accounted for. We will generate an itemised report and manage inventory closely. 

Custom Software Testing

WorkVentures can load and test any custom software and settings that your organisation needs. This ensures successful operating systems before deployment. 

Hardware Integration

Our IT integration and staging services include imaging capabilities that ensure all necessary software and operating system updates will be installed and functional upon deployment. 

IT Hardware Testing

Our team of experts runs all appropriate tests to make sure all systems are 100% compliant prior to deployment, ensuring optimal system performance.

Technology Refreshes

We understand that continuous use of IT hardware requires equipment refreshes. We can refresh multiple pieces of equipment or a single unit, depending on your needs. 

Why Choose WorkVentures? 


Our team of experts have years of experience working with a multitude of complex devices and can complete any configuration, big or small. 

Complimentary Logistics Solutions

We offer complimentary logistics solutions that enable us to collect, securely warehouse, and distribute your technology. 

Single Point of Contact

Rather than needing to outsource your imaging requirements to multiple vendors, we provide a single point of contact solution which helps save your business time.   


We can apply your standard build or prepare with site-specific configurations to suit your needs.


Our locally based team of experts can complete work proficiently to save you time and money. 

Social Impact

WorkVentures is a registered social enterprise. By choosing to work with us, you are giving back to the community.   

Benefits of Staging and Imaging 

Customising your IT equipment prior to deployment through staging and imaging is an important factor in keeping your business running smoothly and efficiently. By engaging with WorkVentures’ team of technical experts, you will see how simple the process can be. 

 Some of the benefits of staging and imaging include:  

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