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Single-Point-of-Contact Decommissioning 

Is your organisation in need of a simplified decommissioning service to take the burden off staff? WorkVentures provides a single point of contact to securely manage your disconnection, decommissioning and IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) of IT equipment from commercial space, including offices and data centres.

Decommissioning is the process of retiring or disconnecting IT equipment. It can involve replacing hardware with new units and disposing of obsolete equipment through safe and secure methods. 

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Our Capabilities 

Our systems enable full traceability of asset collection, movement and secure deposal or destruction. We provide manifests of collections and processing.

Reports and certificates of secure data sanitation or destruction are also provided. When completing decommissioning, we also ensure that organisations are minimising their legacy technology footprint and responsibly e-waste to divert technology from landfill.   

Our long history and years of experience assist us with consulting clients to ensure all requirements and needs are clearly identified. Our experience enables us to complete small collections through to scaling services for larger corporations or government agencies Australia-wide.

Services We Provide 

IT asset disposition (ITAD)

IT asset disposition (ITAD)

Single point management 

Single point management. 

A simplified process

A simplified process

Secure decommissioning 

Secure decommissioning

Traceability throughout the process 

Traceability throughout process



Scalability to meet your demands

Scalability to meet demands

High-level reporting 

High-level reporting

Benefits of Working With WorkVentures 

Single Point of Contact

By working with WorkVentures, you have the convenience of using a single point of contact which removes the burden off of your staff.

Data Destruction

Assurance that all data is destroyed. 


Access to experts with decades of experience. 

Decreased Demand for Resources

A decreased demand for resources needed to produce new equipment. 

Advanced Services

Access to advanced refurbishment services to assist with increased asset and component reuse and decreased needs for recycling. 


Assurance that end-of-life equipment is responsibly recycled. 

Accurate Cataloguing

Confidence that inventory is accurately catalogued. 

ESG Reporting

The ability to confidently report on your Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) impact.

The Decommissioning Process

Our team assess your needs to understand what is required throughout the decommissioning process. 

We provide asset and sustainability reporting that ensures organisations have an understanding of the outcome of the decommissioning process. 

Equipment that can be reused is refurbished and given a second life. 

Any equipment that is obsolete or beyond repair is ethically recycled, ensuring no e-waste is sent to landfill. 

On-site and off-site data destruction is performed. We guarantee that all data is safely wiped and destroyed before reuse or recycling. 

Our team conduct physical inventory and verify this against a client-provided master asset list. Full collection reporting, auditing, and device triage are executed. 

All items are scanned and separated into device types, and unique batches are created. 

Our authorised workers securely collect your equipment. The equipment is disconnected and de-installed. 

Decommissioning Checklist 

When selecting your decommissioning vendor, it is important to consider the following: 

On-Site Services 
  • Can the vendor decommission and disassemble equipment and prepare it for shipping? 
  • Can they assist with avoiding data breaches through secure data destruction services at the data centre, worksite or workplace?  
  • Can they provide a clear project plan?  
  • Can they provide a documented process to ensure no disruptions to your live environment?  
  • Do they have a proven track record of working with data centres, worksites and workplaces?  
Data Destruction 
  • How do they complete data destruction that encompasses all devices?  
  • Can their infrastructure support your volume requirements?  
  • What data destruction reporting can they provide to demonstrate regulatory compliance and requirements?  
  • If data is not destructed on-site, how can they guarantee an unbroken chain of custody?  
Compliance (Tracking and Reporting) 
  • How are IT assets managed once removed from the data centre, worksite or workplace?  
  • Does the vendor ensure security through transit?  
  • How do they track assets during the resale or recycling process?  
  • How do they ensure the accuracy of reporting?  
  • What evidence can they offer to demonstrate what happens to your assets once removed?  
Resale of IT Assets 
  • How do they maximise the value of IT assets?  
  • Are they experienced in selling parts as well as complete assets?  
Recycling of Electronics 
  • How are end-of-life or broken assets disposed of? 
  • Do they provide certification which is compliant with industry standards? 
  • Can they prove that no hazardous materials are sent to landfill? 
Social Procurement Benefits
  • Is the vendor a social enterprise?
  • Does the vendor help you meet social procurement targets?

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