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Locally Based Technical Solutions 

WorkVentures’ Technical Solutions team is committed to staying at the forefront of the  ever-changing technical world. For over 30 years, we have worked with organisations to provide professional technology solutions.   

Our Sydney and Melbourne-based workshops specialise in rework and repairs, testing and maintenance and provide expert staging and configuration services prior to deployment. We have refurbished devices for major telecommunications providers, banks, retailers and a range of other businesses, completing in-house triage, testing, and repairs while securely erasing data. We perform component-level repairs on through-hole and surface mount technology. 

Challenges With Offshore OEMs/Repair Centres

Businesses can face many challenges when utilising the services of offshore OEMs and repair centres. If your organisation uses an offshore repair supplier, you may find that you experience some of the following issues:

Shipping Delays and Long Turnaround Times (TAT)

When sending repairs to offshore repair centres, long lead times can occur due to shipping delays leaving customers vulnerable to unpredictable international delays. 

Compromised and Circumvented IP Security

Sending equipment overseas often means that it is passed through many hands. It creates the risk of products being reverse-engineered by unknown parties. This could lead to unauthorised copies of products being made or the circumvention of security measures within devices occurring. Credentials stored in the device’s memory can be uncovered, and this poses a risk to network security.

International Logistics and Management Costs

Costs associated with international logistics shipping, customs, and management can be significantly higher compared to local repairs. When a warranty claim arises, it can be expensive to make a claim due to the cost of sending the parts offshore for a warranty repair. 

technical solutions

Our Solution: Local, Low Risk and Cost-Effective Technical Solutions 

At WorkVentures, we can provide technical solutions without the time, expense and risk of shipping overseas.  

Our in-house team of professionals are well versed in working with a variety of technology and can provide quick turnaround on repairs, refurbishment and staging. WorkVentures experts can complete the necessary services to minimise disruptions to you and your customers.  

Benefits of Using our Technical Solutions Team


Our team of experts all have 350+ years of combined experience, and have the skills and know how to repair most types of electronic and electromechanical equipment to component-level repairs. 

Local Service

We minimise the need for long lead times associated with shipping parts to overseas repair centres and provide a faster turnaround time on repairs. 

IP Security

We ensure that your IP is not passed to unknown parties and provide documentation to certify that your information is safe. 


In addition to minimising time delays, international logistics related to shipping, customs, and management can be significant, and by using a local repair centre, you can avoid these additional costs. 

Product Life Extension

We can maintain your equipment past OEM end of life. This can defer expensive platform upgrades until the time is right for your organisation. 

Staging and Refurbishment Services

Not only do we provide repairs, but we offer staging and refurbishment services. This means you can use our team as a single point of contact for all your technical solution needs. 

Customer Service

WorkVentures is able to provide you with exceptional customer service so that all your questions and concerns are answered.

Integrated Logistics

In addition to our Technical Services team, we also provide integrated logistics services and secure warehousing solutions to minimise your need for outsourcing your technical needs to multiple vendors. 

Why Choose WorkVentures 

Unparalleled Experience

Our team of experts collectively boast over 350 years of experience in working with various types of equipment and are committed to continuously upskilling to provide ongoing proficient technical solutions. 

Locally Based

As an Australian-based repair centre, we are able to provide low-cost solutions and cut down on unnecessary fees while also guaranteeing a faster turnaround than international repair centres. 

Social Procurement

WorkVentures, as a registered social enterprise, offers technical services that deliver community impact and provides a competitive advantage for your organisation, without relying upon charitable donations.

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