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At WorkVentures, we are passionate about igniting the potential in young Australians. Our Youth Employment Solutions team work hard to ensure no young person is left behind.

During our traineeship program, trainees complete a practical qualification while working full-time in paid employment and gaining real-world work experience. We also provide work placement opportunities for high school students and offer cyber career pathway programs.

Our mission is to reduce youth unemployment by empowering young people with meaningful skills and jobs.

Youth Unemployment in Australia

Youth unemployment in Australia is twice that of the rest of the population. As a society, it is important that we tackle the crucial issue of how to reduce unemployment across the country.

The main reasons young people struggle to find employment include: 

Our Solution: Combating Youth Unemployment

No matter what industry you are in, hiring a trainee is a great option for recruiting junior staff to fulfil your entry-level business requirements and support a young person in achieving a meaningful career.

We source trainees and place them with your organisation. Together we provide a foundational career pathway that suits the trainee and your business. Trainees are a cost-effective staffing solution. They provide:

Youth employment solution

Our Social Impact

Since 2008, our traineeship program has focused on inclusion and serving all young Australians. This includes: 

Young people assisted

Young people assisted

Traineeship completion rate

Traineeship completion rate

Work placement students supported

Work placement students supported

WorkVentures has partnered with Uniting since 2017 on First Nations traineeship programs and diversity programs.

WorkVentures’ Youth Employment Solutions team work with Uniting to help people develop their careers and gain practical skills while working toward a qualification.

As a result, our trainees have found meaningful jobs and been recognised as finalists and winners at the annual NSW Training Awards.

Check out this video to hear from the trainees on how this program has impacted their lives!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is WorkVentures?

WorkVentures is a not-for-profit social enterprise. WorkVentures is also an accredited Group Training Organisation (GTO). Our organisation focuses on maximising support for young people and helping other organisations do the same. 

What is a traineeship?

A traineeship is an entry-level position providing both paid work experience and a relevant qualification to the trainee. 

What is the benefit of a traineeship to the trainee?

Young people are more likely to find sustained, long-term employment if they have one year of paid work experience related to their field of study. In a traineeship, they are offered both a qualification and experience simultaneously. 

What are the benefits of a WorkVentures traineeship to a trainee?

WorkVentures offers a tried and tested support model that means you are 40% more likely to complete your traineeship than the national average. 

What are the benefits for a host company?

Traineeships are a cost-effective way to fill an entry-level position. They help build talent for the future of the business. WorkVentures makes it easy for host employers to help young people find employment. 

What are the benefits of using WorkVentures for a host employer?

WorkVentures offers full support to host employers, making the process as seamless as possible.  

What types of roles is a traineeship suitable for?

Our trainees are employed in a range of roles. These include office administration, legal support, customer service, IT support and helpdesk, HR, community services, and financial services support. If you have an entry-level position you are looking to fill, please reach out, and we will be able to advise if we are able to assist. 

What types of organisations hire trainees?

Our host employers include small, privately owned businesses through to large multinational organisations from a variety of industries. We also have host employers that are not-for-profit organisations. A trainee is suitable for any type of business. 

How long do traineeships last?

Traineeships are typically 12-24 months, depending on the qualification. IT traineeships typically last 24 months, others are generally between 12-18 months. 

What does the trainee get paid?
Do hosts employ the trainees after the traineeship is complete?

While there is no obligation for ongoing employment, we find that many employers do keep on their trainees for further employment.
On average, 88% of trainees are offered ongoing employment with their host employer.
WorkVentures works with the host employer on a managed exit plan and provides individual support to the trainee for the next stage of their career and education.

What is the qualification that a trainee obtains?

The trainee will complete a Certificate III or IV in one of a number of disciplines during their traineeship. The right course is selected to match the role that is offered. 

Who manages the traineeship coursework?

WorkVentures’ service includes coordinating the traineeship coursework, submission, and completion. We work with Australian Government agencies and Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) to ensure qualification requirements are met. RTOs deliver nationally recognised training in the VET sector. 

Who delivers the training and assessment?

RTOs provide the relevant coursework. WorkVentures manages these requirements with the RTO and the trainee. 

Does the trainee attend TAFE for their studies?

No, coursework is completed online. Host employers are required to allow trainees three hours per week to complete their coursework. Host employers must provide an appropriate space for the studies to be completed. 

Do trainees sit exams?

No, the assessment is competency-based. In order to pass each unit, the trainee must be able to demonstrate that they have developed relevant skills and knowledge. 

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