Work Placement Program

Real-World Work Experience

Are you looking for a way for your students to gain real-world work experience?  

WorkVenturesWork Placement Program is able to provide this opportunity in a safe and encouraging environment. Work placement programs are offered to senior high school students. They provide practical-based training in the workplace to help develop skills. Work placement gives students the opportunity to try out a career they are interested in before continuing on to tertiary education or into employment.

Our Work Placement Program

WorkVentures offers work placement opportunities to local high school students and EVET providers such as TAFE NSW colleges. Our program is designed to encourage students who are interested in IT to pursue a career in the field. 

WorkVentures places importance on supporting schools in lower socioeconomic regions, as well as promoting the need for young women interested in IT. Since 2008, our work placement program has supported over 1,700 students. 

One Week with WorkVentures

WorkVentures provides 35 hours of on-the-job work experience. Whilst at WorkVentures, students will complete some of the following tasks: 

PC Repairs

Analysing & testing PCs

Software installation

Refurbishment of PCs

Why Choose WorkVentures

A Unique Experience

Our Work Placement Program offers students a unique insight into the world of IT. With tasks ranging from repairs to software installation, students learn a broad range of IT skills.

A Team of Professionals

Our Work Placement Program is guided by a team of IT professionals who are encouraging and respectful. Students will feel confident that they are learning from experts in the field.

Transferable Skills

The practices learned at WorkVentures are transferable across different jobs in the IT sector. Students will walk away with a new skill set that can be applied in their future careers.

Future Opportunities

WorkVentures' Traineeship Program offers school leavers a pathway to paid employment. Through work placements, students establish valuable connections for future success.

Work Placement Opportunities for your students

Are you in the education sector? Support your students with a meaningful opportunity to gain real-world work experience and explore IT careers through WorkVentures’ one-week work placement program.

If you are interested in working with us, please contact us today!

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