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Reliable Technical Solutions 

Are you looking for reliable and local technical services? 

At WorkVentures, we can assist at times of failure, as well as provide rolling upgrades to complex equipment in your install base. We perform preventative component replacement to critical equipment and address the issues at a convenient time rather than waiting for failure. We can reduce your reliance on OEMs, which can be costly and slow. 

Our locally based Technical Solutions team performs hardware and firmware changes to equipment when required. 

What Can WorkVentures Do? 

Our core skills are in the repairs of electronic and electromechanical equipment. Our team are proficient in component level repairs on SMD and through-hole technology.

While best results are obtained when IP is available, we pride ourselves on our ability to reverse engineer products to find effective repair solutions.  Our team can:  

Disassembly and Testing 

Whether you are purchasing used systems to top up your spare parts pool or downsizing your install base, we can: 

Disassemble Devices

We can disassemble devices by breaking them down into their parts. 

Securely Erase Configuration Data

Configuration details or data can be securely erased. Your predetermined configuration loaded, jumpers or strapping set. 


We test the parts to make sure they are functional.

Preventative Component Replacement

Preventative component replacement can be done if required. 

Cleaned and Packed

Your equipment will be cleaned and then packaged in antistatic packaging. 

Labelling and Packaging

We will box and label equipment to your requirements.

Inventory Management

All parts will be catalogued, and you will receive the details of part numbers, quantities, serial numbers, and any other data you require. 

Benefits of Working With WorkVentures 

Local Support

With repair centres in both Sydney and Melbourne, we can provide dual support across both major cities. 


Our team has the capacity to take on high-volume repairs and has the flexibility to assist smaller businesses with their repair needs. We support repairs of older legacy electronic devices and are agile in our approach to problem-solving.


Our Technical Solutions team have over 350+ years of combined experience. We know how to provide up-to-date solutions to keep your equipment running. 

Ongoing Services

We help you avoid client interruptions and critical system downtime by providing ongoing maintenance and addressing operational requirements changes. We ensure your systems are running as efficiently as possible to avoid costly disruptions. 


We ensure all our technical services meet all compliance requirements. 

Fast Turnaround

By using our Australian-based technical team instead of internationally outsourcing, you can substantially reduce the repair turnaround period to have your equipment running faster, saving both time and money. 


As a locally based repair centre, we can provide cost-effective pricing solutions. Additionally, you can cut down on fees that are often incurred when exporting repairs overseas. 

Social Impact

WorkVentures is a registered social enterprise. By choosing to work with us, you are giving back to the community.  WorkVentures plays a key role in creating positive social impact for individuals and communities across Australia.

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