Back-to-Base Repairs

Are you looking for a local repair centre to assist with your technical needs?

WorkVentures’ Technical Solutions team can provide all the services you require. Our core skills are in the repair of electronic and electromechanical equipment. We repair to component level, on surface mount and throughhole PCBs. We are specialists in repairs, testing and maintenance of electronic and electromechanical equipment. For over 30 years, our workshops have supplied back-to-base componentlevel repair services to businesses of all sizes across Australia. 

Our Services 

Component-Level Repairs

No matter the complexity, we provide comprehensive repair services, covering everything from SMD to through-hole components with expertise.


Rather than having stock returned in an unknown condition, we provide testing services to give you peace of mind that your equipment is fully functioning. 

Warranty Services

We deliver dependable and efficient warranty repair services for OEM , guaranteeing timely and reliable resolutions to any problems you may encounter.

Quick Turnaround

Your business needs to have equipment up and running as soon as possible. We can assess and repair on the same day where possible. 

Preventative Maintenance

Our timely intervention in addressing common failure components helps prevent potential failures, ensuring uninterrupted operations for your business.

Engineering Changes

Offshore OEMs can sometimes explain the problem and solution but have no local provider to do the work for you. WorkVentures is here to help with all your engineering changes. 


Sometimes your board is no longer needed, but you know it contains high-value spare parts or parts needed to support other equipment you have. We can recover components from PCB for you in a safe antistatic environment. 

Why Choose WorkVentures 

WorkVentures can assist in all stages of the lifecycle of a product, from staging, modification, repairs, and maintenance, to decommissioning and recycling.

We provide bespoke solutions that suit your needs. We work with our customers to develop the best value process for their needs. This means they can have the longest service life and deliver the best end-user experience, resulting in the ability to maximise their revenue.  

Our team of technicians have a broad range of qualifications and product experience. We have a combined 350+ years of technical experience in the electronics repair industry.

While the best repair results are obtained when IP is available, we pride ourselves on our ability to reverse engineer products to find effective repair solutions for our customers.  

What Devices Does WorkVentures Repair? 

We don’t limit ourselves to any type of device or industry. Over the years, we have repaired a large range of equipment, from mechanical parking meters to server motherboards. We also provide warranty repair services to equipment manufacturers and importers. 

Some of our repair capabilities include: 

PCBs from almost anything 
  • Embedded PCBs and computers 
Power supplies 
  • PCBs to complete devices  
  • UPS  
  • Inverters  
  • Rectifiers  
  • Small devices to 3 phase   
Telecommunication equipment 
  • Copper line, PGS, ISDN, Modems, Phones  
  • Optical, RF HF/VHF/UHF & Microwave  
  • Data network, ATM, Frame Relay, PDH, SDH, NTUs  
  • CRT, LCD all types  
  • All types of touchscreen technologies  
  • Embedded displays, customer displays  
Computing & IT (from latest generation tech to minicomputers and embedded 4-bit micros) 
  • Laptops, desktops & handheld devices  
  • General IT & Networking equipment, routers, switches, access points   
  • POS equipment, specialty keyboards, barcode scanners, cash drawers  
  • Printers   
  • Component level repair on motherboards, peripherals, IO cards  
  • Embedded electronics  
  • Lift equipment  
  • Parking meters  
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