Professional Equipment Refurbishment Services 

Are you looking to refurbish your technical devices? At WorkVentures, we do more than just repairs. We can also refurbish your equipment. We provide end-to-end service, and our team of technical experts work closely with you to identify your needs.  

We perform triage, testing, and repairs. All data on devices can be securely erased, and it will be cleaned and boxed to look like new.  Our team has decades of experience with providing expert refurbishments for all needs.  

devices we repair

Examples of Equipment We Refurbish 

Some examples of the equipment that we refurbish for our customers include: 

Modems and NTUs: We have refurbished more than 50,000 modems and NTUs. We clean and test, install firmware, and provide engineering changes. 

CRT Monitors: Even though CRT monitors are not considered “current technology”, we refurbish thousands of these devices for our customers. This includes setup of white balance, purity and convergence. We respray the covers and provide new custom boxes and foam inserts. 

This is not an exhaustive list of refurbishment services we provide. If you are interested in finding out if we can refurbish your technology, please contact our friendly team today! 

Laptop Refurbishment 

WorkVentures specialises in laptop refurbishment. Our partners, including large telecommunications companies, financial institutions and government bodies, donate laptops to assist with our digital inclusion program. 

WorkVentures is passionate about bridging the digital divide, and by collecting end-of-life laptops and PCs, we are able to provide underserved communities with access to technology and connectivity. 

Our team liaise with your organisation to determine the quantity and quality of end-of-life devices. 

We provide asset and sustainability reporting that ensures organisations have an understanding of the outcome of their donations. 

Equipment that can be reused is refurbished by our team of professionals. 

Any equipment that is obsolete or beyond repair is securely and ethically recycled, ensuring no e-waste is sent to landfill. 

WorkVentures’ team of experts assess and triages devices to determine their capability. 

We provide certifications and compliance documents that assure you that the data destruction has been completed. 

On-site and off-site data destruction is performed. We guarantee that all data is safely wiped and destroyed before reuse or recycling. 

Our authorised workers securely collect your equipment. The equipment is disconnected and de-installed. 

The Laptop Refurbishment Process

Benefits of Refurbishment 

Environmental Impact

Through refurbishment, organisations can reduce the need for new equipment. This can enhance organisations’ Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) credibility.   

Increased Reliability

By using experts for equipment refurbishment, organisations can have peace of mind that their systems are running at full capacity. 


Organisations can save costs associated with purchasing new equipment by refurbishing existing equipment that will adequately fulfil their business requirements.

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