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Expert Commissioning Solutions 

Is your organisation looking for commissioning services? WorkVentures’ team of experts are proficient at completing commissioning services for businesses of all sizes. Commissioning is a quality-oriented process where IT systems are evaluated to ensure that they are fully efficient. Commissioning reduces cost and time throughout the IT lifecycle. The process can include the collection of items and may end with the assembly of goods in accordance with the business requirements. 

WorkVenturesprovides complete installation, start-up and commissioning of IT equipment under our 3PL Installs, Moves, Adds and Changes (IMAC) system. Our services offer peace of mind to ensure that everything is working to the highest capability. 

commissioning services

A Variety of Services 

Depending on your IT lifecycle stage, we can assist with refreshing your fleet with new equipment. We can store and relocate your existing stock, maintaining a common and standard IT platform across your business. WorkVentures’ Logistics Solutions team have over 40 years of experience working with equipment and is proficient in providing commissioning services of the highest quality.  

Our commissioning services provide assurance that all projects are correctly designed, fully tested and commissioned and are able to maintain optimal operational efficiency. We apply engineering procedures to check, test, and inspect equipment.  

Services We Provide 

Commissioning plans and reports

Commissioning plans and reports

Testing of operational performance and integrated systems

Testing of operational performance and integrated systems

Reviews of equipment maintenance and contract documents

Review of equipment performance warranty

Review of equipment performance warranty

Re-commissioning and retro-commissioning

Re-commissioning and retro-commissioning

Re-commissioning and retro-commissioning

Pre-functional and functional testing

Ongoing commissioning services

Monitor-based services

Measurement and verification services

Installation verification

Commissioning that meets environmental standards

Commissioning that meets environmental standards



Commissioning Objectives 

There are many benefits to performing commissioning on your IT systems. Some of the objects of commissioning include:

Design Reviews

Design reviews are conducted to ensure that systems and equipment can be functionally tested and commissioned. 

Failure Reviews

Single points of failure reviews are conducted to identify and address any failures or issues, ensuring system redundancy.

Meeting Needs

The commissioning process is agreed upon to ensure the organisation’s needs and requirements are met.

Benefits of Engaging with WorkVentures

WorkVentures Logistics Solutions team utilises decades of experience to provide highquality commissioning services to our customers.

We have a proven track record of delivering proficient services and are flexible to the needs of your business. Some other benefits of working with WorkVentures include: 

logistics commissioning services

Commissioning Advice 

Start Early

Commissioning can be beneficial at any stage; however, the most cost-effective timeframe is to start your commissioning process as soon as possible. 

Create a Plan

Creating a plan of your goals/timeline ensures that we can have resources on hand when needed. WorkVentures can provide you with guidance in creating a plan. 

Work With Professionals

Our team of technicians will take on your commissioning project in accordance with your plans to ensure minimal disruptions to your organisation. 

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