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Promoting a Circular Economy

WorkVentures is passionate about promoting a circular economy. Our Logistics Solutions team provides affordable, flexible, and secure IT lifecycle logistics services to meet corporate needs as well as the needs of small enterprises. 

Our capabilities include 3PL services, short-term warehousing solutions, commissioning, and decommissioning. Our locally based team will closely collaborate with you to offer a single point of contact, alleviating the pressure on your team.


E-waste in Landfill is on the Rise

Australia generates over 539,000 tonnes of e-waste every year (ABS, 2019). Less than half is recycled. The output of e-waste is growing three times faster than any other waste type in the country, making it the fastest-growing component in landfill.

It is now more important than ever that electronic waste is disposed of ethically. The growing number of e-waste is doing irreversible damage to our planet, and action must be taken immediately to minimise the environmental impact of this waste. 

In order to reduce landfill input, public and private enterprises of all sizes need secure and reliable IT lifecycle management services and reverse logistics solutions. 

Our Solution: Supporting a Circular Economy 

We are firm believers in creating a truly circular economy. WorkVentures aims to ensure that unwanted technology does not end up in landfill. 

At WorkVentures, we assess the types and volumes of the equipment under management, the service level required, and the criticality of the project. Depending on the requirements of your project, we provide call management or an appointed account manager. 

Our Logistics Solutions offer the flexibility to be tailored to meet your specific requirements. We can also integrate this with our Technical Solutions to derive additional financial and operational benefits. 

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Our Capabilities

Secure Data Destruction

We ensure that there is no risk of a data breach during disposal and refurbishment. 

Inventory and Asset Management

Full traceability of asset collection is provided. 

E-Waste Recycling

We sustainably dispose of IT devices to minimise the impact of electronic waste on the environment.

Secure ITAD

We provide secure IT asset disposition through reuse, recycling, and disposal of equipment. 


Equipment is triaged, and peripherals are packed and returned to customers to minimise the need to source new equipment. 

Sourcing and Distribution

Sourcing and distribution of parts and consumables.   

IT Commissioning

Complete installation, start-up and commissioning of IT equipment under our 3PL Installs, Moves, Adds and Changes (IMAC) system. 

IT Decommissioning

Single-point contact to securely manage your disconnection and decommissioning. 

Our Social Impact

WorkVentures has diverted over 3,386 tonnes of e-waste from landfill.  Among the 1,350,000 units collected: 

Our Quality Certifications

Our Quality Certifications  

When partnering with WorkVentures, you have the assurance that your logistics needs are met with compliance as we hold the necessary quality certifications: 

Certifications with Our Network of Partners

We deliver end-to-end solutions in conjunction with our network of established partners. Together we have the following accreditations to give you the confidence you need: 

Certifications With Our Network Of Partners

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