Trainee Recruitment

No matter what industry you are in, hiring a trainee is a great option for recruiting junior staff to fulfil your entry-level business requirements and support a young person into a meaningful career.

WorkVentures sources trainees and places them with host employers as an alternative career pathway that’s right for them.

Trainee recruitment is ideal for businesses of any size. Trainees are a cost-effective employment option and they bring new ideas and fresh perspectives to your business.

You and your business may wish to support your local community but struggle to find the time to do so meaningfully. Engaging young people in traineeships is a great way to ensure your business is making a real impact and a valuable contribution to the community.

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Why You Should Hire A Trainee!

Cost Effective

WorkVentures hires trainees directly and is responsible for all associated administration. There is no recruitment fee to hire a trainee. Trainee award wages are an affordable staffing option for businesses.


Trainee contracts are for a specific timeframe, typically 12 or 24 months, giving your resourcing a boost for a fixed term. WorkVentures remains the legal employer, taking care of the HR management and administration.


You are able to determine what qualifications and training your trainee will receive. You can assist your trainee staff to grow and absorb knowledge while still ensuring that the specific needs of your business are met.

Tamara’s Story

Tamara Rodionov
WorkVentures/Uniting Traineeship Graduate
After leaving school, Tamara found it challenging to secure work until she joined the WorkVentures KickStart program.
Tamara thrived throughout the program, slowly building up the confidence she needed in the workplace, while gaining experience across different business divisions. The guidance and support Tamara received while in the program helped her realise her true potential and understand that she could contribute real value to an employer.
After KickStart, Tamara was selected for a business Traineeship with host employer Uniting and now holds a Certificate III in Business.

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KickStart program.

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