Bridging the Digital Divide

Participation in the digital world provides a myriad of benefits such as quick access to information, enabling ease of communication, the effortless organisation of finances and transport, and in general allowing greater convenience in people’s day-to-day lives. But not all of us have the luxury to experience digital inclusion.

Digital Inclusion
Many Australians are excluded from the digital world, due to:
  • Access; some Australians don’t have the devices needed to access the internet or internet is not readily available to them.
  • Financial means; not everyone can afford to regularly access the internet or purchase the devices needed to do so affordably. While internet access is getting more affordable, access to technology remains a key challenge for disadvantaged Australians.
  • Digital skills; certain groups such as the elderly or young people lack the confidence or digital competence necessary to navigate the devices or programs we use to stay connected.
At WorkVentures, we believe everyone should be able to participate and make use of digital technologies. Yet the digital divide in Australia is growing, and this is increasingly becoming a pertinent social justice issue. Over 2.6 million Australians do not use the internet, according to the ABS*.

We collaborate with our corporate partners to enable individuals and not-for-profits to gain access to affordable, reliable IT solutions and ongoing tech support. By giving new life to technology, we can embrace digital inclusion, empowering people to fully participate in society, in order to positively transform communities.

We aim to use technology as a vehicle to create meaningful training and employment opportunities for young people, promoting environmental sustainability and encouraging digital inclusion. We want to make it possible for individuals and communities to access affordable quality refurbished computers and nurturing support aimed at growing their digital competence and fostering life-long skills.

Digital Inclusion
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