Traineeships in Australia - are You Ready?

Want a rewarding career but haven’t found the pathway right for you?  Why not consider a traineeship.  Traineeships are a great alternative career pathway into a variety of different careers with all sorts of organisations.

A traineeship combines paid work with on-the-job training and study that’s done in work hours, in a supportive work environment. Traineeships can give you an edge to secure permanent employment.  Our traineeships last between 12 or 24 months, depending on the qualification.

We have a range of traineeships, across a variety of professions including IT, business, social housing and more.  Traineeships teach you a vast range of new skills and help ease the transition from school to work.

Why You Should Consider A WorkVentures Traineeship

  • We give you expert advice, guidance and support throughout your traineeship
  • A large majority of our trainees are offered permanent employment by the organisations they complete their traineeship with
  • We're a not-for-profit organisation with over 40 years' experience helping people start their careers and realise their career goals
  • We're a quality accredited Group Training Organisation (GTO)

Eligibility Criteria

Traineeships best suit people who meet the following criteria:

  • Higher School Certificate (there is some flexibility if you didn't complete your HSC)
  • Must not have attained a qualification over a Certificate II unless completed at school
  • Australian Citizen, Permanent Resident, or a New Zealand Citizen that has resided in Australia for more than 6 months
WorkVentures Traineeships

Our Trainees

Hear from our trainees who completed Business Traineeships and IT Traineeships with WorkVentures.


Cert III and Cert IV Business

“The experience you get from a traineeship is the best thing about mine. You get that piece of paper and the experience you need for a real job. You are also supported throughout the entire traineeship, because at the end of the day everyone wants to see you succeed. I am very proud of what I have achieved.”

(Mia is now working with an international engineering company and her career continues to flourish)


Certificate III in Information Technology & Digital Media

“I can confidently say that I did not have the HSC marks to make it to University – my IT traineeship and Certificate III was what got me a spot and I am now studying my Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at UTS.”


Cert III in Information Technology & Digital Media & Cert IV Information Technology & Digital Media.

“Working here as part of the traineeship programme helped me prepare for a new phase in my career in the corporate world. Take initiative, strive to move forward, and opportunities will come your way. Knowledge is truly the key to success!”

Ross is now working full time in a global IT company

Job Vacancies

Browse our job vacancies here. Look for an IT job or a
position in your industry of choice.


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