WorkVentures Employment-Readiness Program

KickStart is an employment readiness program that allows you to understand the career pathways available to you. It helps you to work out the skills and qualities needed to achieve your goals and follow your chosen career path. We provide IT training, skills development and job placement in a safe, monitored environment.

The Program

The program commences with a 2 week “boot-camp” which places participants in a real-world work environment. In this scenario, the mutual relationship between employer and employee is experienced in a safe environment with an array of opportunities for skills development.

After completing boot camp, you are eligible for a further 2 weeks of practical skills development through on-the-job work experience and specialised training. We don’t just provide IT training and job placement. We also provide experience and skills development in the following career pathways:

WorkVentures Quality & Certification
KickStart Graduate & Business Trainee

What You'll Take away

The Selection Process

KickStart  is most useful for people who have left school and are trying to secure a job that’s right for them. We want participants to be people who will benefit the most from the program. To get the right match we follow the following selection process:

Step 1

Let us know you’re interested by sending your CV to [email protected] with some information about why you are interested in the program. If you don’t have a CV, don’t worry, you can still send us an email.

Step 2

You will be contacted about an Info and Interview Day where we will get to know you better and you’ll get to know more about the course.

Step 3

After the Info Day, we’ll get back to everyone to let them know if they’ve got a place in the program.
If you are offered a place, you'll need to attend Monday to Fridays for the four week course.

KickStart Academy

Career Pathways

Streaming through our available pathways gives participants the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a variety of real workshop and warehouse environments to explore their own possibilities, likes and dislikes.
A dynamic schedule is developed and each participant works under a supervisor to refine their skills working with WorkVentures employees. The available pathways at WorkVentures are: