Gimantha Jayasinghe

Gimantha Jayasinghe

WorkVentures team was a pleasure to work with, meeting security guidelines and working efficiently and on tight deadlines with teams in USA and China. Their professionalism made them a great team to work with!

Paul McKenna

Westpac has partnered with WorkVentures for over 30 years. We are very happy with their quality of work with responsibly disposing of devices and managing e-waste. WorkVentures gives us peace of mind that devices are disposed of securely. 

Khristopher Molina

For over a decade, TES has partnered with WorkVentures. Their flexibility in a rapidly growing industry, led with a focus on the customer perspective, has helped us strengthen our customer base. They are committed, consistent and reliable partner.

Andy Elizaga

WorkVentures are a team of professionals. They always deliver service on time and handle change well. We couldn’t be happier about our partnership.