Liz Colahan

Liz Colahan

Liz - Anglicare - Testimonial

Anglicare NQ partnered with WorkVentures for our cyber security journey. The process was productive, comprehensive and extremely informative. The affordability of the program takes into account the budget restraints faced by NGOs. We look forward to continuing the journey.

Julia Bain

KPMG testimonial

KPMG collaborated with WorkVentures for Laptops for Lifelong Learning campaign to provide 178 high school students with refurbished laptops and technical support. WorkVentures provided digital skills development to address students’ digital literacy needs. We hope to continue our impactful relationship with WorkVentures.

Doug Taylor

The Smith Family collaborated with WorkVentures for laptop delivery and technical support to help students access technology. WorkVentures understood our needs and the challenges faced by families. Their efficient processes enabled us to help thousands of students access technology, while we focused on helping families.

Paul McKenna

Paul - Westpac testimonial

WorkVentures is one of Westpac’s longest partners in the technology space. They have experience and passion and are a trusted partner for device donations and digital inclusion initiatives.

David Hetherington

NFP partner testimonial

WorkVentures‘ performance is excellent. They deliver quality, reliable IT solutions. As our needs evolve, I am confident WorkVentures will continue to develop new solutions that work for us.

Charlene Davison

NFP partner testimonial

We value partnerships with organisations that share similar values and beliefs to ours, and I thank you for your work to build a solid partnership that has resulted in so many of our GO Scholars being supported through affordable technology.

Allegra Spender

testimonial from NFP partner

Thank you very much for the great partnership we have developed at WorkVentures. We have really valued the support that WorkVentures has given us.