Australians Over 50 Offer

WorkVentures has partnered with Australians Over 50 to offer you a special discount on our most popular devices. In addition to your laptop, we also provide you with six months of free technical support and free digital coaching. Our friendly, Australia-based tech support team are here to help you with any questions you may have.

Apply your coupon code DISCOUNT60 at the final stage of checkout to redeem your exclusive voucher for $60 off.

Toshiba X30-E

$459    $399

Microsoft Surface 2

$559    $499

Lenovo Thinkpad T460S

$359    $299

Toshiba Z30T-A

$319    $259

Our Packages

Our packages include everything you’ll need to get you up and running with your new device straight away:


Windows Pro 10, including Microsoft antivirus software. 


Six months warranty which is double the industry standard. 

Technical Support

Telephone and online support tailored to your needs.

Digital Coaching and Tech Support

Our friendly, Australia-based customer service team aims to give you peace of mind as you get to know your new device. Our goal is to simplify technology and help you get to know your new device.

We offer six months of free technical support and digital coaching to answer any of your questions as you build confidence and develop your technical skills.

From helping you set up your device to assisting you with navigating social media and file sharing, we are here to help!

Why Choose a Refurbished Device from WorkVentures?


Refurbished devices are more economical, costing 30-50% less compared to a brand-new device. 


Our devices undertake rigorous testing and quality control to ensure they are ready to use for their next owner. They have low breakage rates for extra peace of mind. 

Helps the Planet

Buying second-hand means you are actively contributing to helping the planet and are supporting a circular economy.