Microsoft Family Safety

Keeping Kids Safe Online

Ensuring your children’s online safety might seem challenging, but Microsoft Family simplifies the process for you. This service offers a website and a free program integrated into the Windows 10 PCs your children utilize, allowing you to grant them some autonomy while monitoring their activities. Microsoft Family is designed to assist in preventing your children from accessing websites you deem inappropriate.

The following are a set of short videos and guides to assist with using the Microsoft Family Safety Features.

Setting Time Restrictions

Setting screen time restrictions in Microsoft Family Safety is an effective method for maintaining a healthy balance of online activities within your family group. You have the flexibility to determine the time and duration during which family members can engage with their connected Windows, Xbox, and mobile devices.

These limits can be tailored to your specific preferences, allowing for different schedules on a daily basis or a consistent one throughout the week. Adapt as needed by granting additional time or establishing predefined time limits.

Moreover, you can even apply limits to individual devices for added control.

Content Filtering & App Limits

Setting up internet boundaries is a crucial step in safeguarding both yourself and your family against unsuitable online content. Microsoft Family Safety’s web and search filters are effective across all devices, including Windows, Xbox, and mobile devices, equipped with the Microsoft Edge browser and Family Safety apps. Additionally, there’s a curated list of Microsoft’s recommended family-friendly websites available for exploration!

To benefit from the web and search filters, family members need to utilize the Microsoft Edge browser and be signed in to their Microsoft accounts.

Family Safety Mobile App

The Microsoft Family Safety Mobile App allows you to manage your Family Members time & application limits, website access and more all from your mobile phone. This saves you from needing to log your family members out of the system – simply use your mobile phone to manage everything!

Adding More Time

One of the most common things you’ll need to do as a family organiser is add more time to your family members accounts. This quick video explains how easy it is to add more time. 

Frequently Asked Questions
What are the requirements for Microsoft Family Safety?

Microsoft Family Safety requires each family member to have their own account. These accounts are free and easy to setup. Click here for information on how to setup your accounts. 

Microsoft Family Safety also requires “organisers” for the Family Group. Organisers are those that will control the settings and limits for the “members” of the Family Group. 

Click here for information on creating and joining a Microsoft Family Safety Group. 

Finally, Microsoft Family Safety is only available to Windows 10 and 11 systems. 


How do I add members to my Family Group?

Once you have established your Microsoft Family Safety Group, you’ll need to add members to the group so you can manage them. Click here for more information about this from Microsoft. 

How do I set time limits for a family member?

Check out the video above or the step by step guide below for assistance on how to set time limits. 

Is there a cost for Microsoft Family Safety?

The base features are available for free. This includes device time & application limits, application blocking and website monitoring & blocking. 

There is a cost for additional features around location alerts, drive safety reports, and drive history (when used on mobile devices). 

For full details, check out the Microsoft Family Safety website. 

Where can I get the Microsoft Family Safety app for my mobile?

The Microsoft Family Safety App is available from the app store for your mobile:

How do I connect other devices to Microsoft Family Safety?

Microsoft Family Safety is compatible with a number of devices including:

  • Windows 10 and 11 Laptops/Desktops
  • Xbox Consoles
  • Android Phones (not tablets)
  • iPhones (limited functionality)

Further details on this is available from Microsoft here.

Are there any activity reporting features?

You can review individual family members device usage by turning on Activity Reporting. Further details is available here.

I'm having some issues and need help!

We’re here to help! Simply contact us on 02 8000 5505. Alternatively Microsoft provide great troubleshooting support for Microsoft Family Safety here

Can I see track the location of devices with Microsoft Family Safety?

Location sharing of devices is available as part of the base features of Microsoft Family Safety. Further details on location based data is available from Microsoft here

Information on setting this up is available here

Additional features including location alerts, drive safety reports, and drive history require purchasing Microsoft 365 Family. 

Can I limit the spending on devices for the Windows and Xbox Stores?

Microsoft Family Safety has some options around requiring family members to request before buying within the Windows and Xbox App Stores. 

You can also set spending limits for these app portals. 

Further details are available here

Step by Step Guides