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Cyber Security for Not-For-Profits

Are you a not-for-profit organisation, social enterprise or B-Corp looking to demystify cyber security and reduce the risk of sensitive client data getting into the wrong hands?

Leveraging a team of in-house experts and specialist cyber security partners, we provide affordable cyber assessments and managed services to the for-purpose sector.

The Australian NFP Sector Is Under Cyber Threat

Cyber security attacks on not-for-profits are on the rise. NFPs are at risk of losing their secure data and sensitive client information through these attacks. It also takes a financial toll on the organisations.

Whilst your organisation is driving a positive social impact, this does not protect it from attacks from bad actors. In fact, recent research shows that for-purpose organisations may be more at risk than commercially focused organisations:


of not-for-profits do not have ways of actively monitoring information security and cyber risks.

of organisations do not currently have a security incident response plan.
of not-for-profits do not provide information to their staff about cyber-security.

Protecting Your NFP Organisation from Cyber Attacks.

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We understand the unique needs of NFPs, and we work with each partner to find the right balance between budget, organisational risk profile, and the current state of play.

What Cyber Solutions Does WorkVentures Offer?

We help you with identifying, analysing, and evaluating your risks and demystifying cyber threats.

We provide boards with assurance that all cyber risks are being appropriately addressed.

We provide ongoing monitoring of your systems and address data security and privacy requirements. 

We provide the essential eight audits to comply with government funding bodies. 

We train your staff to reduce the human risks involved with cyber breaches. 

We install security software as your first line of defence.

We create a plan that prioritises your key areas of concern. 

Secure, Shape, Build Your Digital Future Today!

Cyber Security Risk Assessments

Are you a for-purpose leader or board member concerned that your organisation could be doing more to understand or address cyber risks?

Kickstart your journey with an affordable cyber security assessment led by an experienced cyber specialist.

Over the course of two guided workshops, we will work with your key risk stakeholders to establish a baseline for your overall cyber posture across people, processes, and technology.

We will then outline your unique cyber footprint and recommend a roadmap in the context of your principles, budget and needs.

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