About Us

WorkVentures was founded in 1979 as Peninsula Community Services. Since then, we've worked through many challenges, adapted to change and ignited some change of our own never wavering from our core objective:

KickStart Academy

To Empower Individuals And
Create Vibrant Inclusive

For those of us lucky enough to be digitally independent, it can be difficult to imagine surviving even one day without the convenience technology affords us. But sadly, not everyone in this country has the same financial means, relevant skills or access to digital technology to be able to feel digitally included.
We believe creating access to technology for all and mastering computer literacy within our communities is key to establishing an individual’s independence and creating a more socially inclusive community.

Discover how we empower individuals all over Australia

Through our partnerships with other like-minded NFP’s and corporates, we push the boundaries to:
All profits from our social enterprise are reinvested into our digital inclusion strategies and programs for young people, which aim to empower individuals and create inclusive communities in Australia.

Our History

Take a stroll through our history and find out how we’ve developed over the years.

Steve Lawrence AO (1952-2012)
Steve Lawrence | WorkVentures Founder

Our Founder

“The aim of WorkVentures (…) has been to enable communities and individuals to create a future for themselves and to find the kind of jobs that give them meaning and purpose in their lives”

STEVE LAWRENCE (1952-2012)
Founder of WorkVentures